Freelance Visa in Dubai - Cost and Requirements

Freelance Visa for Dubai

Updated on Friday 06th May 2022

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Freelance Visa in Dubai
Working as a self-employed person, freelancer, or digital nomad is now possible from anywhere in the world. Compared to other countries, the UAE has created the legal framework for those who can work remotely back in 2019. Dubai now offers freelance visas to certain categories of people. The freelance visa in Dubai addresses independent contractors only and can have a longer validity period unlike the digital nomad visa.
Below, we invite you to discover more about the freelance visa in Dubai and its requirements. You can reach out to our law firm in Dubai for support in applying for it.
 Quick Facts  
Types of freelancers addressed

- artists,

- sportsmen,

- designers,

- banking and IT professionals,

- education specialists,

- media persons

Availability for foreign professionals (YES/NO)

Yes, foreign citizens can apply

Activities permitted

- education,

- marketing,

- IT,

- consultancy,

- event management,

- editing,

- copywriting,

- design, etc.

Eligibility conditions for applicants

- academic qualifications,

- degrees,

- recognized prizes, etc.

Special requirements for foreigners (YES/NO)


Residence permit requisites for foreigners (YES/NO)

Yes, residence permits must be obtained

Dubai free zones available

- Dubai Media City,

- Dubai Knowledge Park,

- Dubai Airport Free Zone,

- Dubai Design District,

- Dubai Internet City

Availability in other emirates (YES/NO)

Yes: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaim

Possibility to relocate with family (YES/NO)


Sponsorship requirements (YES/NO) Only if sponsored by an employer or family member living in UAE
Application fee (approx.)

AED 7,500

Validity period

1 or 3 years

Timeframe to obtain a freelance visa (approx.)

Approx. 2 weeks, depending on the free zone to move to

Advantages of freelance visa

- easy to obtain,

- cheap alternative to an investment visa,

- no personal income tax,

- access to a large business market

Freelance visa application services (YES/NO)



The freelance visa for sale in Dubai

Here are the main categories of independent contractors that can apply for a freelance visa for Dubai:
  • people working in the education sector;
  • designers;
  • sportsmen and artists;
  • people working in the media sector;
  • IT professionals;
  • banking professionals.
Also, another difference between a freelance and a digital nomad visa is that freelancers can generate income in Dubai. Moreover, the freelance visa in Dubai has a low cost.
Foreign citizens who want to apply for freelance visas must prepare a set of documents and file them with the Dubai Development Authority.
Another important aspect of this type of visa is that it can be used in various free zones in Dubai. The authorities of these free zones impose specific conditions for the issuance of the respective passes, including when it comes to costs. This means one ca choose a cheap freelance visa in Dubai, depending on where he/she wants to move.
Our Dubai lawyers can assist in applying for any type of residence permit.

Types of freelance visas in Dubai

There are 4 types of freelance visas that can be obtained by those who want to relocate to Dubai. These are:
  1. the Talent Pass that is issued for the Dubai Airport Free Zone;
  2. the media freelance visa issued for the Dubai Media City;
  3. the educational freelance visa issued in Dubai Knowledge Park;
  4. the designers visa issued in Dubai Design District.
The freelance visa for sale in Dubai is also available for IT professionals.
There are also other free zones that issue such visas, and among them are Dubai Internet City, Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City. Abu Dhabi twofour 54 free zone, Um Al Quwain Free Zone, and Fujairah Creative City also issue such permits for UAE citizens and foreigners who must first obtain residence permits.

The freelance visa in Dubai and its cost

Foreign professionals who want to move and apply for freelance visas in Dubai must first get acquainted with its requirements. The total cost of such a visa ranges between AED 7,500 and AED 20,000 depending on the chosen free zone and other requisites to meet. Also, another fee may apply. This is the AED 10 “Knowledge Dirham” for innovation.
The freelance visa in Dubai comes with many advantages. Should you need more information on the freelance visa for Dubai and the cost, feel free to address our immigration specialists.

Why apply for a freelance visa for Dubai

The first benefit that comes to mind is that it is cheap to obtain a freelance visa in Dubai. However, there are also advantages one can obtain:
  • it has a validity of 1 or 3 years, depending on how long you intend to stay;
  • it gives one access to more than 6 free zones in Dubai only;
  • the cheapest freelance visa starts at AED 2,750 for a one-year validity period.
Furthermore, one can move here through a family reunification visa, if he or she has a spouse that already resides here.
If you are interested in applying for a freelance visa for sale for Dubai, feel free to enquire about its requirements. Contact us for support in obtaining you visa in order to move here as soon as possible!