Dubai UAE Citizenship - New Rules and Requirements

Citizenship in Dubai (UAE)

Updated on Wednesday 16th November 2022

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The UAE is one of the most appealing Middle Eastern countries foreign citizens choose to move to. Out of all the Emirates, Dubai is by far preferred by those interested in working and starting a business in the UAE. This one of the main reasons when discussing immigration, many of them refer to Dubai citizenship instead of UAE citizenship. Obtaining Dubai citizenship has many benefits apart from those of living in one of the most unbelievably beautiful cities in the world. Under the new law, UAE dual citizenship is also permitted.
 Quick Facts  
Assistance provided by specialized immigration lawyer (YES/NO) Yes

 Persons eligible for citizenship

- investors,

- specialists in various industries,

- medical staff,

- inventors,

- artists

Requirements for citizenship by naturalization

Obtaining permanent residency 

 Availability for citizenship by descent (YES/NO)


Citizenship by marrige possibility (YES/NO)


Citizenship by investment requirements

- real estate acquisition,

- experience in the applicant's field of activity of at leat 10 years,

- international prizes,

- accolades

Minimum value of real estate purchase for citizenship

USD 1.3 million or USD 2.7 million depending on the duration of the visa

Timeframe to obtain citizenship by naturalization

Living in UAE for 30 years

Timeframe to obtain citizenship by marriage

7 years for foreign women married to Emirati men provided they have children, 10 years of they do not

Timeframe to obtain citizenship by investment It is granted immediately by Dubai Crown Prince Courts, Dubai's Ruler, or the Executive Council based on the documents filed
Eligibility for citizenship by descent 

Children of UAE citizens born abroad

Immigration with family members allowed (YES/NO)

Yes, through the investment option

Visa-free access based on a Vietnamese passport

Approx. 180 countries

Taxation after obtaining UAE citizenship

No personal income tax

Benefits of permanent relocation to UAE/Dubai

 - high living standards,

- great quality of life,

- large communities of expats,

- access to the local business and labor markets

Recently, the UAE government has amended its legislation under which new Dubai citizenship requirements have been introduced, especially for foreign investors. Our immigration lawyers in Dubai invite you to read about United Arab Emirates citizenship

Who can obtain Dubai citizenship according to the new rules?

Based on the latest changes in the legislation, the newest Dubai citizenship rules include the following categories of immigrants who can qualify for United Arab Emirates citizenship:
  • foreign investors;
  • specialists in various fields of activity;
  • doctors and scientists;
  • inventors and intellectuals;
  • people with creative skills.
Other categories of people who can also accede to UAE citizenship are also foreign citizens who marry UAE nationals, just like before.
Our law firm in Dubai is at your service if you are interested in immigration to the UAE and need to understand the requirements applicable based on your country of origin. We can guide on on how to apply for UAE citizenship.

New Dubai citizenship requirements

Here are the latest Dubai citizenship rules for each category of applicants:
  1. property ownership is the mandatory requirement for foreign investors, while the minimum value of the real estate must be 1 million AED;
  2. doctors and other specialists must have at least 10 years of experience in their fields, plus their skills must be in high demand in the UAE;
  3. the same 10 years of experience are also required in the case of scientists;
  4. inventors must have at least one patent approved by the Ministry of Economy in the UAE;
  5. creative people and intellectuals must have one at least one international award for their talents.
In the case of foreign persons with creative skills, recommendations from their governments is also required.
Dubai citizenship comes with many benefits and our lawyers can provide you with the most important of them. Feel free to send us your questions on UAE's citizenship requirements.

Eligibility conditions for foreigners interested in UAE citizenship

Foreign citizens who enter the categories accepted by the government to obtain Dubai citizenship must also meet certain eligibility criteria. For example, an investor must first own real estate in Dubai, however, there are plenty of properties to purchase in the Emirate and our lawyers can help you acquire one.
Medical staff seeking to apply for UAE citizenship is subject to more stringent requirements. Doctors and other physicians must be specialized in a domain that is sought in the UAE and must have at least 10 years of experience in his/her field. Apart from these, one must also be a member of specific organizations in their field of expertise.
Scientists are also welcomed to apply for citizenship in Dubai and they must meet requirements like being active researchers in universities, research centers, or in private companies. The 10 years experience in their field is also one of the UAE citizenship requirements. They are also required to submit a recommendation letter from an institution that is recognized in the Emirates. One of the special categories of scientists are inventors who must own one or more patents that are recognized nationally or internationally.
Creatives, artists, and other intellectuals can decide on immigration to Dubai and apply for citizenship provided that they are pioneers in their art or culture and have been awarded with at least one international prize. A recommendation letter from a recognized authority is also required.
If you need to information on why you should emigrate to UAE and Dubai’s citizenship benefits, feel free to ask our local lawyers.
Citizenship in Dubai

Are there any other requirements for Dubai citizenship?

Persons accepted under the new rules must complete a few steps, among which:
  • they must pledge their allegiance to the UAE;
  • they must also commit to respecting this country’s laws;
  • they must inform the UAE government on giving up or losing other citizenships.
This last requirement has been enabled recently, as Dubai recognized dual citizenship, especially for foreign investors coming to the country.
Should you want to apply for UAE citizenship, our law firm in Dubai can advise you on retaining your former passport.

Other citizenship options for foreign investors

Dubai is one of the most appealing investment destinations in the UAE and foreign entrepreneurs can acquire citizenship here by first applying for 5-year 10-year residence permit. In the first case, one is required to invest at least 5 million AED, while in the second one, an investor is required to have at least 10 million AED. The investment possibilities are available under various forms, among which real estate acquisition, bank deposit, starting a new business or entering a partnership.
Even if one of Dubai’s citizenship benefits until now was full ownership of a company, the Company Law has been amended recently, thus making possible full foreign ownership in a business. Do not hesitate to ask our immigration lawyers in Dubai for more information on this aspect.

UAE citizenship by naturalization requirements

Just like other countries, the UAE also enables foreign citizens to move and live here for a number of years and obtain citizenship. Since not all people who move here have meet the eligibility conditions imposed under the latest Dubai citizenship rules, foreigners can move here for work purposes (Dubai’s population is largely made of expats) and live here for 30 years. This way they can apply for citizenship.
If you have lived in Dubai for this number of years and want to apply for a UAE passport, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for guidance in filing your application. 

The former pathways to Dubai citizenship

Even if the new rules for obtaining Dubai citizenship have been set in place, there are also the other procedures through which simple citizens can acquire UAE passports. These imply living in Dubai or any other Emirate for at least 30 years and marriage.
This last option is available for foreign women married to UAE citizens who can apply for Dubai citizenship after 7 or 10 years of marriage unde the following conditions:
  • 7 years if they have children;
  • 10 years if they do not have children.
Citizenship by descent is also available for children of UAE citizens who were born abroad and who can apply for UAE passports once they turn 18 years old.  We can provide extensive support for UAE citizenship for expats.
In the past few years, the UAE has made important changes to its legislations, obtaining Dubai citizenship being one of those that suffered important alterations to the benefit of the economy.
Our Dubai lawyers can help you prepare the necessary documents if you want to apply for UAE citizenship.

Immigration to UAE with family members

One of the good news of the new Dubai citizenship requirements is that all persons falling into one of the categories presented earlier can move to UAE with their family members.
If you plan on relocating to UAE, our Dubai law firm is at your service with tailored support based on the category of nominees you are part of. Below, you can also watch a video on this subject:

Dubai citizenship benefits

Obtaining citizenship in Dubai comes with several benefits, among which the most important are:
  • the possibility of retaining one’s former passport which is not met in any country;
  • visa-free travel to no less than 167 countries (one of the largest numbers in the world);
  • no personal income tax and tax filing requirements for private individuals;
  • the possibility of buying a property and starting a business in Dubai;
  • under the new law, UAE dual citizenship is also permitted.
Among the particularities of Dubai, you should know that almost 90% of its population is made of expats, many of them working in domestic companies. This is why if you want to live here, employment is a great way of moving and applying for citizenship as a skilled specialist.
We can also help foreign investors who meet the minimum investment requirements to apply for Dubai citizenship. We can also advise on other UAE citizenship requirements outside the scope of investment.
Feel free to contact our immigration law firm for detailed information on Dubai citizenship and its rules and requirements. We can also help you draft the necessary documents for a successful immigration. The rules on UAE citizenship for expats can be explained in detail by our local lawyers.