Immigration Lawyer in Dubai

Immigration Lawyer in Dubai

Updated on Monday 22nd February 2021

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Dubai has a well-developed labor market that attracts an increasing amount of investors wanting to come here, to make the most of this aspect by living, opening a business and hiring local people to work for them.
First of all, as a matter of golden rules of immigration to Dubai, foreigners must be prepared to embrace a different culture, religion, customs, language and climate. Moreover, you must know that some myths about Dubai are not founded, but it’s important and highly advisable to display restraint, modesty and respect for the local way of life.
Our immigration lawyers in Dubai can help you with more information on the legal procedures that need to be completed when immigrating to Dubai.

Important aspects to bear in mind when immigrating to Dubai

Firstly, you must know that unless you have a secured employment in the UAE, it’s not advisable to immigrate in Dubai. Without a job, you cannot obtain work permits for your workers and without a work permit they cannot be granted permanent residency. Consequently, if they don’t have residency, they are not allowed to open a bank account, rent a property, buy a car or get a driving license. These being said, you should know that there are various types of residence visas, such as employment, family (both valid for two years), student, domestic helpers (valid for one year) and investors residence visa (valid for three years). 
Moreover, your employees must get through a thorough medical test that will be taken at a government hospital/clinic. They will be taken multiple blood tests and a chest X-ray. If they are found to have any serious communicable diseases, their application will be denied and they will be promptly deported. Our immigration lawyers in Dubai can help you with more information.

Types of visas available when immigrating to Dubai


Foreign citizens who want to move to Dubai have several options when it comes to the visas they can apply for. Moreover, in the past few years, the government has simplified the immigration regulations, thus making it possible for foreigners to relocate here faster. Here are the main ways related to immigration to Dubai:
  1. student and family reunification visas are among the types of visas available for relocation;
  2. the employment visa which grants the right to work and live in Dubai, however, an applicant must first secure a job and then obtain the work permit;
  3. the investor visa which is one of the best options for those who want to have their own businesses in Dubai;
  4. through the residency by investment program which implies acquiring real estate in order to move to Dubai.
If you are interested in any of the visas mentioned above, our immigration lawyer in Dubai is at your service with detailed information.
The services offered by our immigration lawyer in Dubai are presented in the infographic below:
Legal Services Provided by Our Immigration Lawyers in Dubai


How to move to Dubai based on family reunification and study visas

The family reunification or dependent visa is available for foreign citizens married to UAE nationals, but also for those who have children who already live in the Emirates. Children whose parents live in Dubai can also move here as dependents, however, applicants must comply with several requirements.
First of all, it is important to note that moving to Dubai based on a family reunification visa implies having a sponsor (the person established here) who must also meet certain income criteria. Also, in the case of parents sponsoring their children, it should be noted that the latter must be less than 18 years at the time of the relocation. Also, they must not be married.
In the case of the sponsor, the following requirements must be met:
  • he or she must earn at least 4,000 AED per month;
  • he or she must earn at least 3,000 AED plus the amount necessary for the accommodation of the applicant;
  • in the case of children sponsoring parents, the sponsorship of both parents must be ensured.
In the case of children supporting their parents to immigrate to Dubai, the monthly income threshold is set at 20,000 AED.
Among the documents required for obtaining a dependent visa for Dubai, one must provide, the necessary application forms, the passport of both sponsor and immigrants, photographs of the applicants, a salary certificate or proof of employment contract in the case of the sponsor and proof of the relationship of the sponsor and immigrants.
Our immigration lawyer in Dubai can offer more information on how to apply for a dependent visa.
With respect to the student visa, Dubai is an appealing destination for young persons seeking to study in the Middle East and this type of visa is rather easy to obtain. The main requirement for obtaining it is to be admitted to a local university and be sponsored by it or by another relative living in Dubai.  The applicant is required to submit various documents, among which proof of admission and financial sufficiency.
The student visa is available for one year and can be renewed. Our immigration lawyer in Dubai can verify the documents related to obtaining a student visa.


The work permit as a means to immigrate to Dubai

The most sought type of visa requested by foreign citizens seeking to move to Dubai is the work permit, especially since the requirements for it have been simplified a lot. Foreigners must first secure a job with a Dubai company. Also, the employer will start the formalities for the foreign employee to move to the Emirate.
Should you need assistance in applying for a work visa, our immigration lawyer in Dubai is at your service.

Immigration through investment in Dubai


Foreign investors have two options for moving to Dubai: the investor visa and the property ownership visa. For the first type of visa, the amount of money required depends on the type of investment made, however, the applicant is not allowed to work in Dubai under this type of residence permit.
When moving to Dubai by purchasing a property, the value of the real estate is 10,000 AED. The applicant is also required to earn at least 10,000 AED.
Our immigration lawyer in Dubai can help foreign citizens who want to relocate here through investment.

Documents required for obtaining a residence visa and a work permit for Dubai

In the case of having a job in Dubai, the residence visa and work permit are usually obtained by you, as an employer; you will cover the costs for these procedures. Our immigration lawyers in Dubai can help you find out more about the legal issues implied in obtaining a residence visa for Dubai.
You’ll need to provide the following documents:
  • completed application form;
  • original and copy of your passport;
  • passport-size photos;
  • employment permit issued by Ministry of Labor;
  • copy of the company’s valid commercial license;
  • copy of a valid company card;
  • proof of paid application fee.
After your employees have received residency visa, they will need to apply for a work permit. Usually you will cover the costs as well in this case. Keep in mind that all forms for the work permit and the terms of employment contracts for your employees must be drafted in Arabic. As said before, in order to be granted a work permit, a residency visa is needed, a valid passport (with at least 6 months validity) and a qualification that is accepted and required in the UAE.
Together with the work permit application, employees must also provide the following documents:
  • residency visa and passport;
  • a legitimate health certificate;
  • a recent photograph of yourself;
  • a copy your company's trade license;
  • three copies of employment contract, signed by you and your employee(s);
  • copies of employee's professional qualifications.


You can obtain more information on the documents required for moving here from our immigration lawyer in Dubai. You can also watch the video below:


Immigration statistics in Dubai


  • for 2020, Dubai’s population is estimated to have reached 2,878,344 persons;
  • between 2016 and 2020, the Emirates’ population has increased by 3.69% annually;
  • only 15% of the persons living here are UAE nationals;
  • the remaining 85% is made of expats, among which 71% are Asian citizens (51% are Indians).


If you have taken the decision to immigrate in Dubai, please contact our Dubai team of lawyers in order to legally guide you through the procedures that must be completed.