Expatriates Sponsoring Thier Families in the UAE

Expatriates Sponsoring Thier Families in the UAE

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Expatriates-sponsoring-thier-families-in-the-UAEMost of the people living in the UAE are expatriates. Many surveys have also shown that the expatriates are the ones maintaining the country’s economy at a high level. Most of them are investors setting up companies in one of the Emirates. However, the number of those working in the UAE is also increasing. Considering the high influx of foreigners, the UAE Government enabled a resolution which allows foreign citizens living in the country to bring family members along. The Resolution Regulating Expatriates Bringing their Families and Servants was passed in 1995 and provides for the conditions foreign citizens must fulfill in order to sponsor their families in the UAE.

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What are the criteria expats must fulfill to sponsor their families in the UAE?

The 1995 Resolution defines family as the expatriate’s wife and their underage children. However, children below the age of 18 enrolled in high education institutions or universities cannot be sponsored by their expatriate parent. They will be sponsored by the university for receiving their residence visa.

The only requirement expats must meet is based on the salary. The foreign citizen must earn at least 3,000 Dirhams and accommodation offered by the employing company. In case no accommodation is available, the minimum salary must be 4,000 Dirhams. Proof of the salary will consist of a certificate approved by the Ministry of Labor or other State authorities.

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Sponsorship for parents of foreign citizens living in the UAE

Even if the legislation does not provide for the sponsorship of parents, the Government allows foreign citizens to bring their mothers and fathers to the UAE based on stricter conditions. The salary of the expatriate must be of at least 6,000 Dirhams and accommodation provided by the employer. If no accommodation is supplied, the minimum salary of the UAE employee must be 7,000 Dirhams. The expats must also submit a certificate showing they are the only supporters of their parents.

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