Wealth Management in Dubai

Wealth Management in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Wealth-Management-in-DubaiWealth management is the specialty incorporating several financial planning solutions in order to help high net worth individuals to enhance their incomes. In a simplified form, wealth management can be defined as the science helping persons to considerably increase their incomes. Wealth management has started gaining terrain in Dubai, considering the development of the area and the increasing number of business owners and even simple foreign citizens moving to the Emirate. Wealth management in Dubai is usually handled by professionals because it requires knowledge of the financial legislation and the financial market in order to choose the best planning tools.

Wealth management solutions in Dubai

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is the main free zone in which foreign businessmen and other individuals can enhance their incomes due to the combination of the low taxes they must pay and the advantageous financial instruments they can employ. Dubai also has a very supportive legislation on banking and financial markets which make the Emirate one of the most attractive wealth management centers in the Middle East. Among the wealth management solutions available in Dubai one can choose:

The DIFC also developed its own regulatory framework which allows the development of the investment funds industry. The DIFC Authority has created the Funds Regime our lawyers in Dubai may provide you with more information about.

Wealth management services in Dubai

Based on the developments of financial markets, there are many companies and professionals in Dubai providing wealth management services. Among these are:

  • - investing in private equity, capital guaranteed funds or bonds,
  • tax optimization solutions,
  • - asset management,
  • - creating investment strategies,
  • - investment portfolio management.

Our Dubai lawyers will also provide you with all the necessary information about the Emirate’s taxation system in order to maximize your incomes. You can also contact us for details about tax incentives or if you need help in opening a company in Dubai.