Renting an Office for a Company in Dubai

Renting an Office for a Company in Dubai

Updated on Monday 31st July 2017

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Renting-an-Office-for-a-Company-in-Dubai.jpgThe steps required to rent an office for a company in Dubai are similar to those required to rent a Dubai property. Many expatriates who choose to live in the Emirates will also look for a place to live and subsequently a place to base their business. Dubai companies that want to relocate or international companies that want to establish their presence on the market will need to find a convenient office space in the city.

Office spaces in Dubai

Dubai is a leading financial and commercial destination in the Middle East and many companies choose to base their business there. The United Arab Emirates has plenty of advantages for investors, including modern offices and work spaces.
Depending on the areas where they want to locate their business, investors in Dubai will need to be prepared to pay extra for a central location in the city. Prices for office spaces differ according to the free zone in which they are based or if they are not located in such a special area. 
The price for renting an office is generally calculated per one year and the real estate agent will also give its own fee if you choose to work with an agent. An office of almost 700 sqm in Bur Dubai (a historic district in the city) will cost around 98,700 AED per year and larger offices, for example, those of 1,000 sqm, will have prices at around 150,000 AED per year.
Our lawyers in Dubai can help you make sure that the offices you find for rent have fair prices and that the agent will make sure to provide you with an adequate rent agreement.
If you want additional details about how to rent an office for your company in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below: 


The renting process for offices in Dubai

Once you have decided to rent a certain office space, you will most likely have to pay a deposit for space. By doing this, you take the office off the market until the documents for the lease are ready. The real estate agent will prepare the documents needed to conclude the rent agreement. Any negotiations regarding the contractual terms should be settled before the final lease agreement is signed by the two parties.
Should you enter into any disputes with a landlord over unfair rent changes or other issues, our attorneys in Dubai can help you resolve any differences. We provide a wide range of legal services both for companies and individuals living in Dubai.