Renting a Property in Dubai

Renting a Property in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 23rd February 2023

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Renting-a-Property-in-Dubai.jpgRenting a property in Dubai is an important step for expatriates who want to live in the city. Business owners in Dubai can also choose to rent a property as opposed to purchasing a property and use the space to base their office in Dubai.
The rental process consists of a few steps and viewings of the property. The landlord and the new tenant have to agree on the terms for rent and conclude an agreement. Foreign individuals can request the services of a law firm in Dubai that can help them throughout the entire rental process.

Choosing the right property for rent in Dubai

When renting a property in Dubai, tenants will not only look for the best deal, but also for the safest. When working with an agent, you want to make sure that he or she is registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai. This entity belongs to the Dubai Land Department and any individual who is certified as a real estate agent will be able to present his or her accreditations.
Our lawyers in Dubai can give you detailed information about your rights as a tenant. The relationship between a landlord and his tenant/s is regulated in UAE through special laws. The owner of the property cannot increase the value of the monthly rent without a proper notice announced in advance. If this does happen, our attorneys in Dubai can help you settle any disputes. 
More people are drawn to working for themselves as a result of changes to the workplace climate in the UAE. This tendency comes after the Dubai freelance visa has been launched. This also happens because Dubai is a great hub for independent contractors in the United Arab Emirates.
Successful Dubai investment visa candidates initially receive a 6-month visa that allows them to go to the UAE, take advantage of the opportunities, and eventually settle. They must change their temporary visa into a resident permit throughout this time. Applications for Golden Visas are not subject to age or nationality limits.

The rent agreement in Dubai

After the tenant has viewed the unit and decided to rent a certain space, a rent agreement needs to be drawn up and signed by the two parties. The tenant has the right to negotiate the price and the contract can also be negotiated so that the landlord and the one renting the unit can settle important issues, such as the duration of the contract and the deposit amount.
It is common for the landlord to ask for a security deposit from the tenant and certain identification documents like a passport or visa. Once the two parties agree upon the details of the contract, the landlord will make sure that the property is off the market until the final contracts are drafted and concluded.
When working with a real estate agent, he or she will be the one to keep the two parties in contact and help negotiate the agreement. A commission is payable to the agent, as per the requirements of the real estate agency.
The experts at our law firm in Dubai can help you conclude any needed rent agreements and prepare any additional documents. We can also help you with a property due diligence procedure.
You can contact our attorneys in Dubai for any information about the laws in the Emirates and legal assistance.