Relocate to Dubai

Relocate to Dubai

Updated on Monday 02nd April 2018

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Dubai is definitely a city of wonders and good living, where anyone can enjoy the tax-free environment, as a businessman or as a person who wants to work in the Emirates. Numerous expats choose to relocate to Dubai each year, but there are several things to know before making the big step and starting a new life in the UAE. Our lawyers in Dubai can help you in visa matters or can provide you legal assistance if you want to set up a business in Dubai. Here are a few tips and important information to consider before you decide to relocate to Dubai.

Apply for a UAE visa

If you want to relocate to Dubai, you should apply for the proper visa, such as an employment visa if you want to work here, a business visa if you are interested in opening a company in Dubai, or a family visa to establish with your partner in Dubai. It is good to know that a work permit can be issued by the authorities in charge as soon as you have found a job in the Emirates, with the help of your sponsor or employer who can apply on your behalf. This document, also known as a residence visa for employment in Dubai, is available for three years and then it can be extended for an indefinite period. Our Dubai lawyers can offer legal support when drafting the documents for any type of visa to enter the Emirates.

Search for a place to stay in Dubai

Once you have decided to relocate to Dubai, it is recommended to search for an apartment. A real estate agent in Dubai can offer suggestions of houses for rent, according to your budget and to your new place of work. For instance, the rental price for a decent, spacious and luxurious apartment in Dubai can start from AED 50,000 per year.

The means of transportation in Dubai

The transportation in Dubai develops in a fast manner every year and offers numerous facilities, connecting each corner of the city. People can choose the Dubai metro, the buses, the taxis, or the water taxis. Without a doubt, Dubai is known for its excellent infrastructure and the investments made in this important field, in a continuous search of life improvement.
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How to open a company in Dubai 

Each year, numerous investors from abroad decide to start their activities in the Emirates, and Dubai is the preferred place to relocate and make money as a young or experienced entrepreneur. The company registration in Dubai is an easy process with minimum bureaucracy. Entrepreneurs have numerous benefits once they set up their activities in the Emirates, due to the interesting taxation system where there are no levies on incomes or profits. Businessmen can choose to set up their company in Dubai Free Trade Zones where they can benefit from 100% ownership of their firm.  We remind that our attorneys in Dubai can help you with drafting the documents for your company in Dubai. In this matter, an entrepreneur must set up a business plan, search for a suitable name for the business, apply for the proper license, prepare the statutory documents, and rent an office which is going to be used as the address of the company. It is good to know that a company registered in Dubai Free Zones is exempt from corporate taxation for up to 50 years.

Taxation in Dubai

Dubai is a major business hub and a tax haven where foreign companies do not have to pay taxes for their profits, especially if a double taxation agreement has been signed in this matter. The exception regards the branches of foreign banks and oil & gas companies which are subject to a corporate tax set at a maximum rate of 55%. It is good to know that there are no withholding taxes on dividends and capital gains, and also no personal income taxes, but starting from January 2018, Dubai will implement for the first time the VAT (value added tax) on certain goods and services.

Why relocate to Dubai?

Dubai is made of two worlds apart: one is made of opulence, luxury, imposing buildings and architecture, and the second one is full of Arab traditions. The city perfectly blends these two special worlds where there are more than 200 nationalities living here and enjoying a stress-free life full of varied opportunities. A young entrepreneur can start his/her business in Dubai and benefit from a great taxation system and an open market for everyone, no matter the chosen field. There is no need for a local partner to set up a company in Dubai and a minimum capital for investments is not mandatory. The real estate and the tourism sectors are profitable and continue to grow each year. The innovation field is also quite attractive for entrepreneurs willing to invest in technology and align with the important players worldwide.
If you want to relocate to Dubai, make investments or start your own company, we recommend you contact our law firm in Dubai and ask for legal help.