Purchase a Company in Dubai

Purchase a Company in Dubai

Updated on Friday 31st January 2020

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When deciding to invest in Dubai, foreign entrepreneurs have more than one option for starting their business. They can choose to set up a new company or they can purchase a company in Dubai. The latter offers certain advantages as the foreign investors do not have to start a new business and then acquire a clientele and reputation on the market.

Purchasing a company in Dubai means that the business is already established, the clients know the company and the company has had time to make a name for itself. The process of acquiring a business in Dubai is best to be assisted by a Dubai lawyer who can handle all the legal procedures and documents necessary for the transfer of ownership.

How can I buy an existing company in Dubai?


Ready-made companies or shelf companies in Dubai are business entities that have been incorporated but do not have any kind of registered commercial activities. They have been left to age until they are purchased by a foreign investor in Dubai. Such a company is a good option for investors who want to enter the market and who have a time limit which does not allow them to register a new company in Dubai

Another alternative for doing business in Dubai is to acquire a company. The process of company acquisition and merger is regulated by certain company laws. While the process of company merger usually involves the transformation of two companies into one legal entity, the process of company acquisition means taking over another business and becoming its new owner.

If you are interested in company mergers and acquisitions in Dubai, our attorneys in Dubai can help you with an acquisition strategy and can help you invest in an already existing company.


What types of companies can I open in Dubai?

Foreign investors have varied opportunities for business in Dubai through different types of entities which can be easily registered.  For the following business structures, entrepreneurs can receive information from our Dubai lawyers:
  • limited liability companies can be established in mainland Dubai or in the designated free zones;
  • public and private joint stock companies are suitable for big companies from abroad;
  • branches and subsidiaries can be registered by firms from overseas;
  • investors can decide on making profits like sole traders in Dubai;
  • partnerships in Dubai can be established with domestic entrepreneurs.
It is good to know that at the time of ownership transfer, both parties involved should agree on the terms and conditions of the acquisition. Moreover, the Dubai Department of Economic Development amends the trade licenses for the new owners of the firm. We remind that our team of attorneys in Dubai can supervise the registration process of your firm, whether you would like to create one from scratch or purchase a ready-made company.

 Why should I buy a company in Dubai?


Buying a company in Dubai can hold various advantages over registering a new entity because the procedure is simple and with the help of professionals or a law firm in Dubai one can make sure they have made the right choice. Moreover, for those seeking to incorporate the history of a business held abroad into a company established in Dubai, purchasing a ready-made company is a better option. Once the transfer of shares has been completed, the new owner will be able to bring the desired modifications to the company.

Instead of dealing with the incorporation formalities of a company in Dubai, foreigners have the possibility of acquiring a ready-made one, in agreement with the business activities they intend to set on the market. This is an important benefit which in most cases grants a fast business set up for foreigners wanting to enlarge their affairs on the Arabian market. Companies in Dubai can also develop trading activities with European countries, a matter where the EORI registration is needed.

Doing business in Dubai


Businesses in Dubai enjoy a very attractive taxation regime and many foreigners choose to open companies in one of the city’s free trade zones because of the existing incentives and tax benefits for companies.

Whatever your business choice, our law firm in Dubai can help you set up your business and expand it by hiring employees. You can contact our lawyers in Dubai for more information about companies and about how business is done.