Legal Assistance for Investments in Dubai

Legal Assistance for Investments in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 29th September 2016

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Legal-Assistance-for-Investments-in-Dubai.jpgForeign investors in Dubai have numerous possibilities for developing a business in the Middle East. The Emirates welcome foreign investments and many entrepreneurs from around the world have chosen to set-up a business or a branch of their company here. Investors who are not accustomed to the business climate in the Middle East can find it easier to request the services of a law firm in Dubai that can provide the adequate services for starting a business.

Foreign investments in Dubai

Our team of experts has a personalized approach towards each client and we will pay attention to your particular business needs. Our lawyers are able to provide the following services:
- choosing the best free zone;
- company incorporation in Dubai and preparing the company documents;
- company registration;
- business partner/sponsor recommendations for companies incorporated outside of a free zone;
- opening a bank account;
- company management;
- corporate litigation and much more.
Legal support and advice can be very important in several situations, like company mergers and acquisitions or real estate purchases. The help of a lawyer in Dubai is even more important when the foreign investor has to travel back and forth to do business in the Emirates. In this case, our team of experts can provide you with needed legal assistance in the form of a power of attorney: with your approval, one of our Dubai attorneys will handle certain business issues in your name. He will be able to sign contracts, conclude business deals and if needed, certain purchases in the name of the business or your name.

Legal services in Dubai

Our experts have a combined expertise in all areas of law. We can help you with corporate business matters, Company Law matters and legal representation in business litigation. Contracts can also be a source of legal issues and disputes in Dubai, especially if the contractual terms were not expressly stated or one of the parties did not fully understand the legal liabilities.
Our lawyers in Dubai are able to provide court representation or advice for using alternative dispute resolution method like arbitration. 
We offer legal counseling and advice for all legal issues in the Emirates and we are experienced in working with foreign investors in Dubai. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services or fees.