Land Registry in Dubai

Land Registry in Dubai

Updated on Monday 15th April 2019

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The Dubai Land Department is the competent authority in matters dealing with real estate regulations, providing real estate services, attractive investment in the field and property registration. Land registry in Dubai is foreseen by the Department and special documentation is needed to register and transfer land in Dubai.
If you want to purchase real estate or land, our law firm in Dubai can assist you throughout the title registration and purchase procedures. 

The Dubai Land Department Law

The Dubai Land Department observes the provisions of the Land Department Law which defines the objectives and competencies of the Land Department. The key competencies of this regulatory body are defined by law and contain the following:
- establishing implementing policies for the development and regulation of the real estate sector;
- regulating the real estate market;
- license real estate activities in Dubai;
- update and develop the real estate registration systems and others.
Real estate activities in Dubai include any and all activities, financial or legal, related to the sale, purchase, registration, regulation and leasing of properties in Dubai. Any real estate transactions in Dubai must be registered and certain fees apply for this action. A real estate transaction is defined as the act of transferring ownership or possession of a property. Our Dubai lawyers can give you detailed information about these transfer contracts that include, but are not limited to rent or long-term leasing contracts.

Property registration in Dubai

Any real estate property in Dubai must be registered at the Dubai Land Department. The registration services provided by this department include:
- registration of inherited property,
- registration of distribution of owned property among co-owners,
- registration of sub-division of property,
- transfer of ownership,
- exchange of real property,
- title deed information modification,
- replacement of lost/damaged title deed. 
When a property is purchased, the new owner will need to request the transfer of ownership. The request is submitted to the Land Department, the Customer Service Department. The most important documents required for the transfer include the letter from the transferor, the original title deed for the property, copies of the buyer’s identification documents and proof that he has applied for a residence visa.
Our Dubai attorneys can help you submit the documents and offer you further assistance if you are making the purchase through a Dubai company and not as a natural person. Once the documents are submitted, the registration is usually completed in one working day. 
Please contact our lawyers in Dubai if you have any further question about purchasing and registering a property in Dubai or if you are interested in real estate due diligence services.