Immigrate to UAE from Canada

Immigrate to UAE from Canada

Updated on Monday 16th November 2020

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Immigrate-to-UAE-from-CanadaThe UAE is very appealing for citizens of all over the world who want to make a drastic change. Emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer a mixture of the Middle Eastern and Western cultures which is why they are the most attractive when it comes to immigration from various countries, like the USA and Canada.
Those who want to immigrate to UAE from Canada can rely on our lawyers in Dubai who can offer them specialized assistance in everything related to visa selection and document preparation and filing with the national authorities in this country.

Short-term stays of Canadian citizens in the UAE

Just like in the case of American citizens, Canadian ones can also travel to the UAE without the prior requirement of applying for visa if they plan to stay here for a maximum period of 30 days. All they need is their valid passports. The minimum validity of this document must be, however, of at least 6 months.
This type of visa is a good choice for tourists and businesspersons seeking to set up companies in the UAE.
Our law firm in Dubai is at your service no matter the reason you have for immigrating to UAE from Canada. You can also rely on us if you want to open a company here.

Long-term types of visa when immigrating to UAE from Canada

Not all foreign citizens come to the UAE for short periods, which is why for those who want to immigrate to UAE from Canada for more than one year or even permanently, there are several types of visas that enable them to do that. These are:
  1. the work visa which depends on an employment offer or job from a UAE-based company,
  2. the dependent visa which is similar to the Canadian spouse visa and implies similar sponsorship requirements,
  3. the student visa which enables Canadian students to complete their education in the UAE,
  4. the investor visa which is the most suitable option for those who want to set up companies in the UAE,
  5. the real estate investor visa which is can be obtained by high net worth Canadian citizens who want to lease a property in the UAE.
Each type of visa is subject to different conditions which can be explained in detail by our Dubai lawyers.
We can also help you if you want to immigrate from the UK to the UAE.

How to obtain UAE residency as a Canadian citizen

Those who want to immigrate to UAE from Canada with the purpose of obtaining residence permits should know that these are issued alongside the types of visa they applied for.
For example, a Canadian citizen who obtains employment in Dubai will be issued both the work visa and the residence permit at the same time. The procedure for their issuance has been significantly improved in the past few years and these are issued must faster than before.
An important aspect to consider is that every emirate also has its own regulations apart from the national ones. This is why, if you plan to immigrate to Dubai from Canada, you can ask our lawyers about the procedures applicable here.
When it comes to the documents that need to be prepared for immigration to UAE from Canada, the following should be considered:
  • the valid passport and recent passport-sized photos,
  • proof of work experience and educational background in the case of employees of UAE companies,
  • marriage certificate in the case of spouses of UAE citizens or residents,
  • acceptance letter from the UAE-based education facility in the case of students,
  • bank statements providing for the proof the funds to invest in the case of Canadian investors.
These must be accompanied by a health certificate.
 If you need assistance in preparing the documents to immigrate to UAE from Canada, our Dubai law firm is at your service.

What is the easiest way to immigrate to UAE from Canada?

Choosing the best immigration way depends entirely on the social status of a Canadian citizen who wants to move to UAE, however, employment is one of the safest as it ensures a good income and access to permanent residency, as UAE citizenship is obtained under very strict conditions.
Our lawyers in Dubai can guide foreign citizens who want to move to the UAE, including Canadian ones.

Bilateral economic relations between UAE and Canada

The UAE and Canada have outstanding economic relations, according to the Canada UAE Business Council which has issued a report stating that:
  • between 2014 and 2018, the total trade value between the two countries was 5 billion AED,
  • Canada is UAE’s 2nd largest export market on the North American continent,
  • UAE is Canada’s 22nd largest export market in the Middle East,
  • there were more than 40,000 Canadian citizens living in the UAE at the level of 2019.
If you want to immigrate to UAE from Canada and need assistance, please contact our lawyers.