EORI Registration in Dubai - 2022 Procedure

EORI Registration in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 16th February 2022

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EORI registration in Dubai.jpgThe EORI number is the Economic Operators Registration and Identification code that is assigned to companies with trading activities within the European Union territory. Dubai companies must obtain this number in order to align with the requirements and formalities for such activities. One of our lawyers in Dubai can give full support and legal advice for those wanting to apply for the EORI number. You can also ask for guidance and information about how to start a business in Dubai.

What is the EORI number?

The obligation for obtaining the EORI number was a directive implemented by the EU in 2009, with the intention of easing the customs operations and clearance and upsurge the security measures in terms of import and export. Besides the companies registered in the EU, the obligation of obtaining the EORI number is also imposed on non-EU enterprises for trading activities within the member states of the European Union. This important rule is also applicable to companies in the UAE in order to properly have trading activities in Europe. Our Dubai attorneys are at the disposal of international investors in the UAE who want to obtain the EORI number.

EORI number and UAE company activities

The following operations can be made by companies established in Dubai if an EORI number is assigned:
  • they can transport goods by sea, air, and land within the EU countries.
  • the customs declarations can be submitted to the authorities of the EU countries.
  • the Entry Summary Declarations can be submitted with the help of EORI.
  • temporary storage declarations can be filed in agreement with the EU customs.
Even if the EORI registration in Dubai is not subject to complex formalities, you should solicit legal advice from our lawyers in Dubai. They can also help you register the company for VAT.

How do I apply for an EORI number in Dubai in 2022?

The EORI number comprises the country code of the state that issues it, the VAT number and other codes assigned to the company. This means that the VAT registration needs to be made in the first place, followed by the application for EORI code, the latter one being a unique number. The application for the EORI number is considered by the entitled authorities after a preliminary verification of the firm, whether it is registered for VAT purposes or EORI. The registration starts with the authorities of the country where the first trading operations will take place. We remind that the EORI number is needed for trading activities within the EU territory in 2022 , and for more details in this matter you can get in touch with one of our lawyers in Dubai.

Can an EORI number be deleted?

Yes, EORI numbers can be invalidated and deleted if the representative of a company in Dubai makes a request in this matter. The customs authority will then verify the request, the documentation, and other formalities. For instance, if the company is bankrupt or ceased its activities, the EORI number for that company can be deleted. On the other hand, if a company wants to start again the trading operations, the registration for EORI is required. In this case, the old EORI number can be used. Feel free to talk to one of our advisors and ask for more details on this matter.

The infrastructure provided by EU authorities

The authorities supervising the trading activities in the EU, among them the European Commission must provide a complete infrastructure for companies with EORI numbers. For example, the EORI number and registration can be verified with the help of official platforms. The same interfaces must offer information and a list of the member states’ authorities that can issue the EORI numbers.


How important is the EORI number for Dubai companies in 2022?

Obtaining an EORI number as a Dubai company  in 2022 does not imply for  the UAE to an EU member, therefore in order to ease future procedures, local businesses can register for the EORI system sooner.
Obtaining an EORI number as a Dubai company in 2022 does not come with any obligations, only with benefits, among which easy customs procedures within EU boundaries. Moreover, the number needs to be obtained once in order to operate throughout the entire European Union.
If you want to register for the EORI system from Dubai in 2022, our lawyers are at your service with information and guidance.


Making investments in Dubai

Dubai is a great business destination and one of the most prolific hubs in the world that hosts numerous companies and activities of any kind. There are numerous reasons why international entrepreneurs decide on investments in Dubai, besides being a strategic gateway to foreign markets. Among these, the competent and skilled workforce, the ease of registering and doing business, the appealing tax structure, the fast implementation of operations and the possibility of closely working with top-class investors are on the list of foreigners wanting to start a business in the UAE. Here are some numbers and facts about the business direction in UAE:
  1. Around USD 140,000 was the total FDI stock for UAE in 2018.
  2. Since July 2019, 100% ownership has been granted to up to 122 economic activities in the UAE, in sectors like construction, manufacturing, agriculture, etc.
  3. According to the 2020 Doing Business report, the UAE ranks 16th out of 190 worldwide economies.
  4. 378 is the number of greenfield investments implemented in UAE in 2018.
You are invited to contact our law firm in Dubai and find out more about the EORI registration in UAE.