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Residency by Investment in Dubai

Updated on Monday 10th January 2022

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Residency-by-Investment-in-DubaiMiddle Eastern countries have become more and more appealing to foreign citizens and investors who have sufficient funds to live or start a business in some of the wealthiest states of the world. The United Arab Emirates is one of the most welcoming countries when it comes to the overseas entrepreneurs and workers for which Dubai residency by investment is now available.
One of the most important advantages of the newest program developed by the Emirate’s government is that it gives access to permanent residence. So, if you are interested in Dubai permanent residency by investment, our local law firm can present the available options.

Who can apply for residency by investment in Dubai?

The most interesting fact about the Dubai residency by investment scheme is that it is open to various types of applicants, meaning it addresses businesspersons and skilled persons who do not necessarily want to have their own companies here. Students with exceptional capabilities can also apply for such a visa.
Another interesting fact is that such a visa is not issued through the regular application procedure, as it is awarded by the Dubai’s Executive Councils, Rulers and Crown Princes Courts.
If the program has caught your attention and want to know more about it, you can obtain detailed information from our lawyers in Dubai.
If you want to immigrate to Dubai by other means, our specialists can help you.

Investment options for applicants

There are several options for those interested in obtaining Dubai permanent residency by investment, among which:
  1. business investment which enables applicants to start businesses in Dubai;
  2. real estate acquisition which is the visa is also called the Dubai property investment visa;
  3. retirement is also an option for those who want to relocate to Dubai;
  4. investment in various assets approved by government is also available.
If you are interested in buying a property in Dubai to obtain a residence visa, you can rely on our immigration lawyers for support in drafting the necessary paperwork.
Permanent residency in Dubai can imply obtaining a 3, 5, or 10-year visa depending on the amount invested. No matter the way you relocate to Dubai, our law firm can help you prepare the necessary papers for submission.

How to obtain Dubai residency by investment through a 5-year visa

Foreign citizens who want to move to Dubai and apply for a 5-year visa must meet certain conditions for acquiring a property or by starting a business.
Those interested in a Dubai property investment visa must acquire real estate with a gross value of at least 5 million AED. The other conditions imply for the property to not be acquired based on a loan and it must be held for at least 3 years.
It is also possible for those interested in buying a property in Dubai to apply for a residence visa with a validity of 3 years if the value of the respective property is 1 million AED.
It is possible for entrepreneurs with a project worth at least 500,000 AED to obtain Dubai permanent residency by investment.
Our Dubai lawyers can provide tailored guidance to those who want to relocate here and apply for residency by investment.

The 10-year Dubai residency by investment visa

Long-term immigration to Dubai is definitely one of the main reasons people move here and for this, foreign citizens can opt for the 10-year residency visa.
The following options are available for those interested in this option:
  • a 10 million AED deposit in a local investment fund approved by the Dubai Government;
  • the creation of a company with a minimum share capital of 10 million AED;
  • acquiring shares with a minimum value of 10 million AED in a new or in an existing company;
  • a combination of all of the above, including real estate of at least 10 million AED, in which the latter can represent no less than 60% of the total.
If you want to apply for a Dubai property investment visa, we can also help you with the real estate acquisition procedure.

Talented persons immigrating to Dubai

At the moment, Dubai has one of the most innovative residency by investment schemes as it enables talented persons to relocate here. Doctors and other medical specialists, engineers, inventors, sportsmen, and artists are among those who can move and apply for long-term visas.
These categories of applicants are also eligible for buying a property in Dubai and obtaining a residence visa.
For support in moving to Dubai and applying for residency by investment, feel free to contact our local lawyers and use our dedicated immigration services.