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Obtain Investment Visa for Dubai

Updated on Saturday 04th December 2021

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Obtain-Investment-Visa-in-DubaiForeign citizens interested in moving to the UAE now have the Dubai investment visa program they can enroll. This is one of the latest schemes enabled by the Emirate’s government in order to attract highly skilled migrants and entrepreneurs who can contribute to the economy.
Also known as the 3-year investor visa in Dubai, it implies a long-term residence permit that can be obtained without having to go through very stringent requirements.
If you are interested in the investor visa, our lawyers in Dubai invite you to read about it below. We are at your disposal with support in a applying for it.

Who was the lifetime investor visa in Dubai created for?

The Dubai investment visa aims at attracting specialized people and investors willing to relocate to the Emirate on a long term.
Also known as the lifetime investor visa in Dubai, as it enables foreign citizens to immigrate here and obtain permanent residence, this type of permit can be awarded to:
  • specialists in medical fields, scientists, and engineers with more than 10 years of experience (which must be proved);
  • inventors who have patented inventions recognized by the UAE;
  • artists who are recognized worldwide or who have won international prizes;
  • foreign investors who have acquired real estate, which why the program is also known as the investor visa in Dubai based on property investment.
If you need information on the Dubai investor visa cost, our lawyers can advise you.

How can the 3-year investor visa in Dubai be obtained?

One of the special aspects or, better said, novelties of this program is that those who qualify for the lifetime investor visa in Dubai are only required to file information about their work, acknowledgements, or proof of owning real estate in order to be nominated by the Executive Councils, Rulers, or Crown Princes Courts for the residence permit.
With a simple process, this visa takes residency options in Middle Eastern countries to a new level. However, it is also a known fact that Dubai’s workforce is made in a large percentage of foreign workers who have proved their value over the years. The same applies to foreign investors who run companies in Dubai and its free zones.
If you are interested in the investor visa in Dubai based on property purchase, we invite you to discuss with our lawyers and check your eligibility criteria.
Our law firm in Dubai can also guide entrepreneurs who want to set up businesses here, especially since new rules have been implemented with respect to the ownership in mainland companies.

Access to citizenship by investment

The investment visa for Dubai has a major advantage: it enables candidates to acquire residency or citizenship by investment. However, for this to happen, they are also required to meet one of the following requirements:
  1. they must invest a minimum amount of 10 million AED in assets approved by the government;
  2. they must acquire a property worth at least 1 million AED;
  3. in terms of business creation, the minimum amount for the investment is set at 500,000 AED.
As you can read here, the possibilities are quite flexible in terms of choice and amount to be invested, so if you are interested in obtaining a 3-year investor visa in Dubai, you can explore your options with the help of our immigration lawyers.
We can provide tailored assistance to people from all over the world who want to move to Dubai and obtain residency by investment.
When it comes to the Dubai investor visa cost, apart from the actual investment, there are also several fees to consider when applying for the visa to enter the country.

Family immigration under the investor visa

Living in the Emirates comes with many privileges, which is why when considering applying for lifetime investor visa in Dubai, it is possible to relocate with family members without meeting additional requirements. However, it should be noted that only spouses and minor children can be included in the application.
Our Dubai lawyers are at your service with more information on family reunification.

Support when filing for an investor visa in Dubai based on property purchase

Our lawyers in Dubai are at the service of foreign citizens interested in applying for a Dubai investment visa. We can review the documents about to be submitted with the Executive Council, and make sure they comply with the conditions of the program.
Furthermore, we can keep candidates updated on the progress of their applications.
For guidance and information on the Dubai investor visa cost, contact our law firm. We are at your service no matter the country you want to apply for. We can also offer support for applying for other types of residence permits.