Double Tax Treaty UAE – Poland

Double Tax Treaty UAE – Poland

Updated on Tuesday 06th June 2017

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Double-Tax-Treaty-UAE-Poland.jpgThe United Arab Emirates and Poland strengthened their economic relations by signing a double tax treaty in 2013, which entered into force two years later. With this important agreement, particular incomes are protected both in the UAE and Poland from double taxation. Businessmen interested in complete information about this important convention should ask for support from our lawyers in Dubai who can also provide you with information about the taxation system and the law in the country.

Taxes covered by the double tax treaty UAE – Poland

Any resident or enterprise with activities in the UAE or Poland can benefit from the double tax treaty agreed by the two countries, which is an important convention able to reinforce the economic collaboration and to consent a more flexible framework. The capital gains, salaries, retirement funds, dividends, royalties, and interests are protected by the DTT between the UAE and Poland and are levied only once, in the country where they are registered. The same is available for the corporate tax which is imposed only in one of the contracting states. Companies with permanent establishments whether in the UAE or Poland will not pay the same taxes twice, as stipulated in the double taxation agreement between the two countries. We remind that incomes of a natural person from Poland with a work contract in Dubai are not charged with any tax, due to the interesting and encouraging taxation system of the United Arab Emirates. If you want details in this matter, we remind that our attorneys in Dubai can help with legal advice and complete support.

The advantages of the DTT UAE – Poland

The double tax treaty between the UAE and Poland comes with numerous welfares, where companies with registered activities in one of the countries mentioned above can benefit from reduced tax rates. Even more, it is good to know that having a credit in a state of residence will cover the extra costs applied for the incomes gained in the other state, as mentioned by the DTT between the UAE and Poland. To encourage the trading activities between the two countries mentioned above and to avoid the double taxation on incomes, such convention needed to be enforced.
Additional details and information about the double tax treaty between the UAE and Dubai can be obtained from our law firm in Dubai, so please feel free to contact us.