How Smart Manufacturing Can Help Businesses in Dubai


The tech evolution in the past decade helped many industries to develop rapidly and to embrace the new business era. Smart manufacturing gained a lot of terrain in Dubai as there are many companies that decided to change the traditional operations with the computer-controlled ones in the physical process of manufacturing. It is a good way to invest in Dubai’s attractive opportunities, including in the smart manufacturing area. Legal guidance can be offered by our team of lawyers in Dubai at the time you wish to register a business.

Food & Beverage Sector in Dubai met a Significant Growth in the First 6 Months of 2018

The food and beverage sector in Dubai is a prolific one, considering the fast development registered in the market in the past decade. Many foreign investors now have a clear idea about the direction of their investments in the food sector which strongly connects with the tourism field. The authorities have recently revealed the fact that Dubai’s food sector registered important developments and profits for the first half of 2018. Knowing the appealing business climate of Dubai, entrepreneurs can set up their operations in all industries and can benefit from a multitude of tax benefits. Our Dubai lawyers can offer legal support and guidance for foreigners willing to enter the Arabian market.

10-Year Visa for Entrepreneurs with Start-ups in Dubai


With a complete focus on the excellent direction and development of start-ups in Dubai, the government decided to support even more the appealing and full of opportunities sector by granting a ten-year visa for foreign entrepreneurs in the Emirate. Even if the return of investments is in most cases the decisional factor in the business environment, the innovation, the technology and the incentives implemented in a large palette of industries will show positive results faster than expected. If you would like to have an idea about how to set up a business in Dubai and the legislation that stands at the base of this matter, we invite you to address your questions to our team of lawyers in Dubai.

The Future of Free Zones in Dubai


Dubai’s free trade zones are the most prolific business destinations for numerous investors wanting to explore the possibilities and the benefits offered in powerful and appealing industries. The 100% foreign ownership of companies in the free zones of Dubai attracts entrepreneurs worldwide, besides the advantages of the taxation regime. For a better understanding of how businesses can be set up in Dubai’s free zones, we invite you to talk to one of our lawyers in Dubai and find out complete information about the legal aspects.

Dubai, a Preferred Destination for Investments in the IT sector


Without a doubt, Dubai is the business destination that offers plenty of opportunities for small, medium and large investors worldwide. Maintaining the status of global leadership in foreign investors is not so difficult because the flow of foreign direct investments is at high levels and in the complete attention of the Department of Economic Development and Dubai Investment Development Agency. Among the prolific sectors for investments and profits, the IT field is in top position. The easy ways of doing business in the UAE’s IT sector make numerous entrepreneurs decide for placing the activities in this area, but it is suggested to work with our team of lawyers in Dubai for legal support.

Investing in Infrastructure to Prepare for Dubai Expo 2020


Investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world are invited to the biggest international event, Dubai Expo 2020. The event is meant to connect ideas, projects, and initiatives in important sectors like real estate, finances, infrastructure, technology, innovation, and many more. Considering the big significance of Dubai Expo 2020, the preparations started since the day the event was announced. The logistics and the infrastructure projects are expected to boom by 2020, as numerous investments already enter through all sorts of projects in the UAE. Understanding the business climate in Dubai will help investors from abroad easily establish their companies. In this matter, our lawyers in Dubai are at your disposal with legal support.

Online Food Delivery Businesses in Dubai are Expected to Flourish

The business environment in Dubai is extremely attractive for both local and foreign investors who can choose their future operations from a wide range of opportunities. The online food delivery sector is at the moment in the attention of numerous entrepreneurs who can benefit now from the well-developed online platforms and the additional advantages. Having a business in the food sector in Dubai means respecting all sorts of rules and regulations which can be properly explained by our team of lawyers in Dubai.

How Dubai Sustains the Economic Growth in the UAE


Dubai is for many years the economic engine of the UAE and the fastest-developing metropolis which continues to expand in a rapid mode for many years.  An economic growth of 3.7% for 2018 compared to 3.3% in 2017 is no longer just a number on the list of predictions, as it can be achievable with the help of the non-oil economic sectors. Foreign investments continue to sustain the thriving business environment in Dubai, and entrepreneurs who want to set up their companies in the UAE can solicit the legal support offered by our team of lawyers in Dubai.

VAT Relief for Jewelers in the UAE


The implementation of the 5% VAT rate in the UAE starting with January 2018 affected varied sectors. Luckily, the tax authorities are able to offer certain tax reliefs, as it is the case for the jewelry industry in Dubai. In this matter, the wholesale gold is exempt from VAT taxation. Knowing properly how the tax structure works in the UAE will help entrepreneurs understand better the business direction. The legal aspects related to taxation can be explained by our team of lawyers in Dubai. They can also help entrepreneurs establish the business presence on the market.

Tourism and Household Consumption to Sustain the Development in the UAE


The UAE’s economic growth in recent years has been significantly sustained by the force of tourism and by the household consumption. The same trend is available this year, according to the statistics for 2018. Foreign investments enter in a large amount in the UAE, and Dubai is a preferred business destination where foreigners can easily establish their operation. The legal matters in this sense can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

FDI in United Arab Emirates to Reach 5% of GDP by 2021

The United Arab Emirates is recognized for many years as a prolific business center which provides a necessary business ingredient and that is the tax benefits for foreign investors. The future investments in this country are expected to sustain the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth by 5% until the end of 2021. Having knowledge about the investment market will ease the choices for business for most foreigners in matters of future developments. Complete legal support in this sense can be obtained from our team of lawyers in Dubai.

Investing in Dubai's Office Buildings

The confidence in the real estate sector in the UAE grew in recent years, as soon as the instability offered by the economic crisis disappeared. Foreign investors are attracted by the changing yet stable market in the real estate sector and continue to see Dubai as the main investment destination in 2018. Investing in Dubai’s office buildings represents a solid target this year, and if you are interested in this field’s main opportunities, you can talk to our lawyers in Dubai for legal assistance in planning a business.

Dubai, Among the World’s Top Cities for Foreign Investments in Real Estate

The real estate sector in the UAE is recognized for its appealing development in recent years and for the multitude of opportunities offered for foreigners willing to establish their business presence in cities like Dubai. Because of excellent business climate and transparent regulations, Dubai is among preferred cities in the world for real estate investments. The legal aspects of this sector can be explained by our team of lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai and Latin America Countries to Cooperate on New Projects

Dubai continues to strengthen the economic relations with all kinds of countries which are considered reliable for future business developments. This time, the Dubai authorities want to implement several international offices in the Latin America countries and to develop further trading activities. Because Dubai welcomes foreign investments, the city has been recognized as the suitable business destination of the Middle East. If you want to open a company in Dubai and you need legal advice, we invite you to talk to our lawyers in Dubai at any time.

Dubai Recorded a 64% Increase in International Business Events


A solid business and financial center like Dubai is appreciated as an international level by many foreigners who are aware of the opportunities of this well-developed metropolis. This is why recently Dubai was considered the proper destination for having business meetings and events in 2017. Foreign investors who want to open companies in Dubai are suggested to ask for legal advice in all matters, in order to properly conduct business on the market.

Dubai, Among the Top Destinations for Foreign Investments


Focusing on how the business environment should look like in a city full of opportunities was the main role of the authorities in the UAE for the past decades. Foreign investments are welcomed in Dubai, a city recognized and appreciated as a business hub on a local and international plan which offers a multitude of ideas and chances of developments. This is how Dubai conquered the 7th position as a preferred destination for investments among significant players worldwide. If you are a foreign investor willing to explore the profit opportunities in Dubai but you need a starting point, our lawyers in Dubai can help you in this sense.

Real Estate Transactions in Dubai to be Concluded in One Working Day


Dubai develops the real estate sector in a fast manner due to high demands on the market. Considering the favorable climate for business purposes, and the attraction for properties in Dubai, the transactions are confirmed the same day, but most of them involve a particular period of time until they are concluded. To avoid the unnecessary waiting time, the Dubai Land Department decided to change the rules in this sense and to help investors transact real estate businesses in just one day. Regarding the legal aspects in this direction, our lawyers in Dubai can offer the needed assistance on request. Also, our team can help entrepreneurs establish their companies in the UAE.

Dubai's Real Estate Transactions for 2017 Reached About $80 Billion

The prolific real estate sector in Dubai flourishes each year and represents a leading player in the UAE. Because the metropolis is developing the tourism field and the business climate on a daily basis, the demand for properties is at high levels. Around $80 billion has been registered in 2017 as real estate transactions and the numbers will change this year. If you are a foreign investor interested in purchasing properties for business purposes but not limiting to this, we suggest you address to our lawyers in Dubai for legal advice.

Profits of About $3 Billion Registered by the Dubai's Sovereign Wealth Fund


The first half of 2017 has been crucial and successful for the business environment in Dubai. As a statement in this matter, the Dubai’s sovereign wealth fund, respectively the Investment Corporation of Dubai, registered profits of approximately $ 2.8 billion or AED 10.3 billion for the first months of this year, between January and June. With a continuous and fruitful expansion, Dubai awaits and welcomes foreign investments in a wide range of industries. The legislation related to the business field in Dubai and the legal methods through which you can set up your business may be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai Investments Park: Foreign Ownership Limit in the Company Raised from 35% to 49%


Dubai Investments Park represents a high-quality project which comprises the commercial, residential and industrial activities in only one place. It is also considered a city built in a city, as the complex is controlled by Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC. With remarkable services and infrastructure, many foreign entrepreneurs decide to relocate in this area for business purposes. Because it is a successful project, the authorities have decided to raise the limit of ownerships in foreign companies, this way encouraging even more the foreign investments. Business persons interested in placing their activities in Dubai Investments Park or in Dubai’s free zones are suggested to ask for legal support from our lawyers in Dubai.

Investments and Entrepreneurship to be Promoted at Expo 2020 Dubai


Expo 2020 Dubai is a long-awaited event which gathers and connects business people and future entrepreneurs from around the world, having one purpose only: how to create a better future with the help of technology on a global level. Participants are invited to present their projects and meet potential investors for future and fruitful business partnerships. Dubai has always been open to investments, and persons who want to benefit from a stable and reliable business environment should also seek information about the legislation in varied fields. Our lawyers in Dubai are at your disposal with legal services on request in matters related to investments and company formation.

UAE, the Top-Ranked Economy in the Arabian Gulf


The past 15 years have been crucial for the UAE's  fast forward development, as there were numerous reforms and investments made, focusing on quality and fast implementation. Businesses in Dubai have proven easy to implement and grow, numerous investors having success in their area of interest which is shown in their annual profits. Your investments can also flourish in Dubai if you decide for suitable business areas. In compliance with the legislation related to foreign investments, we suggest you ask for legal support from our lawyers in Dubai.

Uptown Dubai to Develop Until 2020


Without a doubt, Dubai is a metropolis with one of the fastest development rates in the world. This time, the authorities planned a new commercial and residential area named Uptown Dubai, to “compete” with Downtown Dubai, a well-known suburban zone. Numerous investors have declared their interests in the new project which is set to launch in 2020. The legislation related to the foreign investments in the UAE is permissible and can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

New Investments in Dubai Future Accelerators Programs


In a continuous development in varied areas for a better living among many others, Dubai is ready for a new level of innovation. The aviation sector, for instance, will attract varied investments as there are numerous solutions and challenges related to a self-driving fleet to boost the airline efficiency in the Emirates. Foreign investments have been accepted in numerous innovative sectors in Dubai, and the trend keeps developing. With complete legal support from our lawyers in Dubai, entrepreneurs from abroad can establish their presence on the Arabian market.

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai


Businessmen who want to start their activities in Dubai, whether they are from the UAE or from overseas should consider opening a bank account for the minimum share capital if required, and for further financial transactions. There are numerous banks in the Emirates from which an entrepreneur can choose, considering that each financial institution respects the provisions of the Banking Law in the UAE. Our lawyers in Dubai can help you set up a bank account for your company in Dubai.